Supervenience Records is a Jersey City, NJ-based record label dedicated to manufacturing sincere and original works of audio and art. The catalog embraces lush ambience, expressive electric guitars, soulful vocals, intense grooves, instrumental explorations, and shamelessly dark departures from commercialism. The label originates from American musician Aaron Immanuel Wright’s vision to amplify his electronic-based music, and build a community of artists.

Supervenience is the rebellious idea that excellent music amounts to more than sound waves relayed to your auditory cortex.  To say that music, or our experience of it, supervenes on the material world is to recognize that a soaring guitar line or funky synth line may involve acoustic vibrations, but is not exhausted by them.  No one expects the language of neuroscience to do justice to the joy elicited by an extended guitar solo, or those insane feels when the DJ finally drops the beat.  You have to be there.  Music is the rebellious offspring of the marriage of space and time… it rebukes its lineage and demands to be understood on its own terms.  Electronic music does not speak binary, even if it supervenes on sequences of zeroes and ones.  Digital or acoustic, music transcends its physical properties without ever burning its bridges—it stays forever anchored to the causal mechanisms of the natural world.  Jean-Paul Sartre once said there is no love apart from the deeds of love, but this also applies to the beauty, character, and genius of music.  Music cannot exist independently of the raw instrumentation and craftsmanship of the rebel musicians.  It is borne from the deeds of passion and precision, of inspiration and preparation, of the mind and the body.  Supervenience Records is a celebration of the rebellious, non-reductive duality of music.  

- Tom Anderson, Los Angeles CA August 2016