Aaron Immanuel Wright (BMI)

I'm not the threat
We're not the threat
You've lost track of the enemy
Don't be afraid of my melody

They're turning the gold (the start of the journey)
Of the soul (was full of hope and honesty)
Into lead (but they gave nothing back at it)
Not solving (but a full-metal jacket)
Not healing (a full-metal jacket)
A thing in their stead (jacket, jacket)

I'm not the threat / don't look at me
We're not the threat / exercise your mind motherfucker
Back from broken lands / work in the garden
Deep in the sands/ listen
The garden of Eden

On all five points you are all wrong
All the sharp edges of the Pentagon
You've got to think it all over
For the love of our boys and girls

I'm not the threat
We're not the threat
Back from broken lands

Deep in the sands