The Supervenience Records Community offers a wide range of specialized services: from creating tailored beats, arrangements. ghost-writing for other artists, to scoring dance and theater pieces.

We take pride in being receptive to our clients when making musical decisions. Not everyone has the same taste in music, and,when communicating about the art and sounds, not everyone uses the same terminology. We make the process both swift and comfortable.

Note: while we are capable of creating a wide variety of styles and sounds, there will always be that Supervenience Records rebel spirit sound somewhere in the product!  All over this website you will find music and video. You will hear acoustic jazz, adventurous electronic grooves and textures, and the results of collaborations with first-rate artists in other fields. This is all part of the Supervenience Records sound, and it belongs to everyone!

Productions can range from a simple piano or acoustic guitar composition to a cinematic electronic soundscape. For larger budgets, a virtual symphony of Supervenience Records community members can be called upon (e.g. horns, strings, percussion).

Production takes place in Jersey City, NJ, and Queens, NY,. Large productions are moved to one of our partnering studios in Union City, NJ or San Francisco, CA.

Filmed by Benjamin Wiessner Music by Aaron Immanuel Wright Edited by Shane Rutkowski Choreography by Alison Chase in collaboration with the dancers

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